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The FrogIt shopping portal was built by a bunch of e-commerce store owners tired of paying out hundreds of dollars every month in advertising costs. So we decided to create our own shopping search engine where the core features were absolutely free. At no cost, merchants can upload their product feeds and advertise their entire catalog of products on FrogIt. Webstore owners can choose to pay a few pennies to enhance their product listings to jump out at shoppers, but inserting your products into the FrogIt database is 100% free!

FrogIt is dedicated to helping "the little guy" get found. The problem with major search engines and traditional shopping portals is that big retailers with deep pockets can easily buy their way to the top. This isn't good for shoppers or for smaller businesses trying to compete. FrogIt's advanced search engine treats all merchants the same, giving the little guy a fair shot at getting his products in front of customers ready to buy.

Cost includes install and configuration and set up of entire feed process

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